The Lacket + Stabiliser Bar Bundle

$396.00 inc GST

$360.00 exc GST

Revolutionise the way you use your extension ladder. Lock your ladder into position before you even need to step foot on your ladder!

Bundle the Lacket and Stabiliser Bar... and Save with Free Aus-Wide Shipping!

Are you ready to revolutionise the way you use your extension ladder? The Lacket allows you to lock your ladder safely and securely into position to stop your ladder from slipping sideways or falling backwards, before you even need to set foot on your ladder.

The Lacket uses a unique wedging effect to lock your ladder into position using any overhang, and for situations where an overhang doesn’t exist, the Lacket Stabiliser Bar has been designed and developed for use with The Lacket. It allows The Lacket to be used in situations where an overhang may not be available, however improved stability on an extension ladder is still required.

Purchase the Lacket and Stabiliser Bar in a bundle… and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in Australia for free! That’s a saving of $17!