The Lacket and Stabiliser Bar Bundle

$330.00 inc GST

$300.00 exc GST

The original, award-winning Lacket that locks your extension ladder into position without even needing to step foot on it. Now available in a bundle with the Lacket Stabiliser Bar, so you can tackle every situation safely.

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Are you ready to revolutionise the way you use your extension ladder? The Lacket allows you to lock your ladder safely and securely into position to stop your ladder from slipping sideways or falling backwards, before you even need to set foot on your ladder.

The Lacket uses a unique wedging effect to lock your ladder into position using any overhang. And for situations where an overhang doesn’t exist, the Lacket Stabiliser Bar has been designed and developed for use with The Lacket. It allows The Lacket to be used in situations where an overhang may not be available, however improved stability on an extension ladder is still required.

Would you like to work more efficiently on a ladder?

You and your workers can work more quickly and confidently with your extension ladder locked firmly into position with the Lacket. As a universal product that will fit on any extension ladder, the Lacket is an investment that will save you time and money.

Prevent the trauma of you or your workers falling from a moving ladder, and avoid the financial costs associated with such a fall.

Need to satisfy Australian Safe Work regulations and avoid on-the-spot fines?

Use the Lacket in conjunction with the provided cam-buckle tie down straps to fulfil the requirements for securing the top and bottom of an extension ladder, as required by Australian safety governing bodies.

Are you a NSW business-owner?

Click below to learn about purchasing the Lacket bundle for free using the SafeWork NSW rebate!

Need to use your ladder against a flat wall, but afraid of the ladder twisting?

The Stabiliser Bar gives the top of the ladder wider stability, as it projects out approx 1ft from either side of the ladder. This prevents the ladder from twisting when the ladder is used against a flat wall.

Concerned about damage to your flat wall when resting a ladder against it?

The Stabiliser Bar acts as a stand-off as it keeps the ladder off the wall. The rubber protective strip prevents damage to surfaces, such as when used on internal walls. Perfect for painters and interior decorators.

No two jobs on a ladder ever the same?

The Stabiliser Bar can be placed against a flat wall, or placed over the top of the structure.

Please note that you are not able to wedge the ladder into position as The Lacket is able to in its original use. The Stabiliser Bar is designed as an added accessory to complement the use of The Lacket where situations do not allow the wedging effect to be produced.

Watch the instruction video to learn how to use the Lacket safely and easily.

By supporting this Australian innovation, you’re helping Australian manufacturing continue to bring innovative products to the world.